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We are an independent group of volunteers not associated or affiliated with any media group.

Launched in 2012, Fresh Gold Radio is a web-based radio station that broadcasts from the United Kingdom 24/7.  Our programming includes all the best music from the sixties to the present, backed up by high quality production and station imaging.

As well as a first-class rotation of music, Fresh Gold Radio hosts a number of 'live' personality presenters to help make your day that little bit better.

Specialist shows form a proportion of our output, including genres such as soul, funk, country and classic rock.

You can enjoy hours of entertainment, fun, interactivity...all of this and much more on the 'Go To' internet radio station - available virtually anywhere you have internet access, on smart speaker, TuneIn, vTuner or via our free to download app available from your device web store.

Contact the studio



WhatsApp message   (+44) 07523 312 248

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